Pixel Chick Studios is a creative imaging boutique founded by artist and photographer Rebecca Bausher. With two decades of experience in the visual arts, Rebecca brings a unique blend of skills to the digital realm. Following a fine art photography education at The California College of Arts, she spent many years as a photographer in the film industry shooting on sets far and wide, while simultaneously honing her own artistic voice on personal projects. Her personal work has been exhibited in solo and group shows across the country. 

Rebecca's skills as a retoucher blend her talents as an image-maker, technician and visual artist. Known for her sharp eye and voracious appetite for all things visual, her passion for images is insatiable. Some would say this passion borders on obsession because she simply loves coaxing the very best out of an image. Whether a simple color finish or a complex image composite Rebecca's touch is imaginative, subtle and finessed. Crafting evocative pictures is truly what she lives for. 

374 40th Street
Oakland, CA 94609
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510.465.0905 /s